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Lessons Learned: Successful Management in the Changing Marketplace

Rade B Vukmir MD, JD


In Lessons Learned, Rade B. Vukmir MD, JD attempts to utilize his personal experience along with the work of other business professionals to offer a comprehensive organizational plan for business development emphasizing managerial and staff motivational skills. It is unique blend of personal and externally validated reference business experience that transcends the usual "this is how I did it" product. Vukmir offers insight in the inner-working of the business world that will appeal to directors, managers, as well as entry-level personnel.


"An honest day's work for a good day's pay."  This simple admonition has served as a rational business model, whether dealing with an industrial blue-collar employee or in the high tech intellectual property arena.
The book begins with a review of the relevant history. It then progresses to an analysis of the business start-up process and external public relations objectives. The goals of leadership are reviewed as they apply to personnel and manager development. The next portion reviews various business models and their likelihood of success. We then progress to analysis of competition and crisis management focus. Our focus shifts to the employee analyzing both their  stressors and proper career development. Lastly, the "best practices" of companies with a successful track record are reviewed.


Rade B. Vukmir MD,JD is President of Critical Care Medicine Associates, a medical administrative and consulting enterprise founded in 1991. He is certified in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, and has a degree in law with a certificate in health law. Dr. Vukmir has written forty-three medical journal articles, and is the author of ten books.

These works include The Mill (1999), Outcome of the Critically Ill: Medicine, Surgery and Trauma (2000), Airway Management in the Critically Ill (2001), Lessons Learned: Successful Management in the Changing Marketplace (2003), ER: A Year in the Life (2005), ER: One Good Thing a Day (2008), The Maximally Efficient and Optimally Effective Emergency Department (2009), ER: One Hundred (2012), Physician Contract Guidebook (2014); and Disruptive Provider Behavior: An Evidence Based Analysis (2016).