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ER - One Hundred

ER: One Hundred

Rade B Vukmir MD, JD


We try to learn from every patient, to help them get better and to facilitate understanding of their health and the progression of the disease process impacting both body and spirit. This book allows one to understand the human interface with the diagnostic process.


The Emergency Department (ED), or Emergency Room (ER), as it is commonly known, is home to us all- both patients and staff. There are very few constants in this ever-changing world, but the ER is certainly one of them.

The patients find a safe haven, a place they can present with all manner of life's ills- physical spiritual or social; always hoping for remedy. However, there is seldom a place where more life- changing events can occur. Some changes are subtle and indistinct, while others are cataclysmic in nature. Either way, patients are assured that they will be truly cared for.

The ED staff calls this place home as well. There are no casual participants here; they come and soon will go nowhere else. They are truly a team, blending the proper proportion of caring and expertise. Their goal is to restore patients and families to the best state of health and recovery that can be achieved. Sometimes the decisions have already been made and comfort is what we provide. Both sides are truly changed forever.

The work completes the ER trilogy by presenting a synthesis of a quarter century of medical experience. Readers will have the opportunity to practice their deductive skills, make a proper diagnosis and implement the correct treatment approach for each true story.


Rade B. Vukmir MD,JD is President of Critical Care Medicine Associates, a medical administrative and consulting enterprise founded in 1991. He is certified in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, and has a degree in law with a certificate in health law. Dr. Vukmir has written forty-three medical journal articles, and is the author of ten books.

These works include The Mill(1999), Outcome of the Critically Ill: Medicine, Surgery and Trauma (2000), Airway Management in the Critically Ill (2001), Lessons Learned: Successful Management in the Changing Marketplace (2003), ER: A Year in the Life (2005), ER: One Good Thing a Day (2008), The Maximally Efficient and Optimally Effective Emergency Department (2009), ER: One Hundred (2012), Physician Contract Guidebook (2014) and Disruptive Provider Behavior: An Evidence Based Analysis (2016).